Welcome!  While the essential oil and product section of my website is being built I wanted some way for everyone to be able to see what is available and order products.

I know some people who saw me at events over the summer may need their supplies replenished.  Also with the holidays around the corner bath salts, creams and roll-ons make great stocking stuffers.  Most 2oz creams or bath salts for someone to try is 5.00 and they are thoughtful gifts  You care enough to want the person to feel better.

There are two files.  One contains all the essential oils and carriers.  The other contains all the products that I offer.

Essential Oils and Carriers

The essential oils are packaged primarily in 1 dram bottles (1/8 ounce, approximately 225 drops) to keep our prices low and not force anyone to purchase a larger quantity than they can use in a reasonable time period.  All prices in the file are based upon 1 dram.  Blue Lotus can provide larger sizes (5ml, 2 dram,1/2 oz and 1 oz).  Just ask.

These oils are to be used with a carrier oil, cream, or in a diffuser.  There are only 4 oils that can be used without a carrier – tea tree, fragonia, lavender, and copaiba.

Blue Lotus Essential Oils and Carriers

Products – Creams, Bath Salts, Inhalers, Roll-ons, Mists and more

This file contains all the products that we have available.

Blue Lotus Products (creams, bath salts, roll-ons, and more)

Items listed in the file with in front of the name are items that are regularly in stock – you will see them at Blue Lotus and I will have them at events.  All other items we can order or create.

Also, if you want something special let me know.  I make custom blends for people all the time.

To place an order send an email to heal@amba.earth or call or text me at 859-694-0531.  Let me know what you want, your phone number, and address.  I will call you back to confirm the order, let you know if there is something that I need to get in stock, answer any questions, and get billing information.

I will let everyone know as soon as the essential oils on the website is available and you can access everything there.