I believe that there will be many things that covid-19 will teach us and is teaching us.  We can look at the information about the environment and see that shutting down industry does affect environmental pollution and thus climate change.  Ozone has been affected.  All those theories that scientists have repeated over and over are proving true.  There are places that are seeing blue skies and hearing birds for the first time in years – in a lifetime.

We are also learning the importance of healthcare.  Something that many take for granted and others have always struggled with.  We are being shown in a very visible way why everyone needs healthcare.  We are also understanding the importance of protection for healthcare workers and their importance to all of us.  Access to healthcare and specialized equipment has never been so obvious.

But today I want to talk about something closer to home that we should be learning.  Something basic that many of us take for granted.  I will always remember the scene in Bambi when Thumper says “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.  I told this to my girls as they were growing up.  I wanted them to learn to be kind with their words because we never truly know if we will see people again.  If these are the last words that we will say to them.

This idea has never been more true.  We are in a time when the reality is if someone gets sick and has to go to a hospital they may never return.  Families do not get to visit.  People who get sick and are admitted to hospitals and are alone.  You never get a chance to touch them one more time or tell them I love you.  You don’t get to say goodbye.  You don’t get the opportunity to “take care of them”.  As humans we want to take care of the people that we love.  We take care of our children, our parents as they age, our spouses, our friends.  Coronavirus takes that away from us.  Because taking care of the people we love puts us at risk.

Every morning since before we got married, I got up with my husband even though I did not have to go to work.  I kissed and hugged him goodbye and told him I love you.  I needed to know that the last thing before he left me in the morning was knowing that I loved him.  Me saying it.  I still do that.  He is still working because he is in an industry deemed essential.  I am not working – but every morning at 6:00am I am up with him and kissing him goodbye, telling him I love him.

I do the same thing when I talk to my children or my friends.  By telling them I love them at the end of a conversation or closing a text or email with “hugs” I am telling them that they matter to me.  They are important to me.  I care about them and I want them to know it.

Make sure that you let the people you care about know it.  After I finish this blog, I am going to contact my yoga students.  I can do that.  I only have a handful since I was just beginning to build my business.  But each of them are special to me.  Each of them matters as a person in my life – not just as a student.

We are reminded that there are no guarantees that anyone will return home.  Accidents happen all the time.  And we now live in a time where that is more true than ever.  The accident is coronavirus.  Use this opportunity of quarantine and shelter in place to reach out to those you care about.  You can call and talk and have no where to rush off to – nothing else to do.  Remember to be gentle with each other.  Hugs.