Even though everyone is sheltering at home it does not mean that you can’t find adventure in your own backyard.  I had an amazing neighbor who loved camping.  When life’s challenges prevented her from being able to go to a campground Judie and her husband would set up their tent in the back yard and camp out for a night or the weekend.  There were actually times when it was like a mini private campground because we too would camp in our yard.  This was a great way to make memories with my girls when they were little.  A simple way to enjoy the outdoors.  I learned a lot about making memories from Judie.

We would set up our tent in the backyard and start a fire in our little firepit that was surrounded with old stumps I had collected when one of the neighbors cut down an old tree.  Dinner would be roasted hotdogs with smores for dessert.  We would stay up late and watch the stars.  My daughters would entertain with fireside stories and songs.  They would catch lightening bugs.  We would listen to the night.  It was just like a camp out but we were at home.  Benefit is indoor plumbing, a refrigerator to store food in, and you can’t forget anything.

Then in the morning the entire neighborhood would smell like bacon.  Judie always said the best smell was bacon cooking outdoors.  She and Mike would have their Coleman stove out cooking bacon and eggs.  We would use the gas grill with a cast iron skillet.  I agree with Judie nothing smells better than bacon cooking outdoors on a cool morning and nothing makes your tummy grumble quite so much.

We made some great memories with backyard campouts.  My girls still talk about camping in the back yard.

Camping in the backyard allows for lots of easy activities.  And now there are some great star gazing apps that you can play with.  I have a collection that I use:  Sky Guide, Star Walk and Sky Live.  There are also great Moon apps that will tell you the moon phase, when it will rise and set and when it is at it’s zenith.  They are fun and they are educational.  They let you learn more about where you are in the world.  Your little corner.

Another neat activity to is to just sit and listen in the dark of the night.  Our sense of hearing becomes much more acute when it is dark out and we can’t see as well.  You might hear night bugs that you normally wouldn’t notice, owls, or coyotes.  That is part of the adventure.  Most of us know our backyards during the day – but night a something totally different.

If you have a back light on look for moths that come to visit or in the darkness there might be some early lightening bugs.  Sometimes you get lucky and a tree frog might come to find dinner.

The great thing about your backyard is it can be as tame or wild as you choose to make it.  It can be as much of an adventure as you make it.  It just takes some imagination.

And with everyone being in the house together it can be a nice change of scenery.  I have camped in the backyard by myself after I put the kids in bed because I needed some peace.  A chance to take a break be in my own little world.

Just remember adventure is out there you just have to look for it.  Hugs.