Petals & Breadcrumbs

So this is where I get to share with everyone so you get to know me. I will share some of my life and story… And maybe you will respond and share some of yours. The name Petals and Breadcrumbs was born out of a workshop that I took earlier this year, called “Taking Control of Your Life”. One night at the workshop one of the teachers talked about how sometimes the universe gives us breadcrumbs to follow. The breadcrumbs might be people that come into our lives or something we read at just the right moment or something that happens – an experience. She went on to explain that very often we don’t realize that these are breadcrumbs until we look back later. And then sometimes on a rare occasion I think that the universe gives you petals. You know immediately that this person, place, experience, these words are put there to help you. So along with stories and essential oil information and yoga I will share some of my breadcrumbs and petals… and maybe what I share may just be the petal or breadcrumb that the universe had in mind for you.

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