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At Blue Lotus I believe that every massage is unique for the person that I am working with.  Sometimes that means a nice relaxing massage that you walk away feeling zen after.  Other times it means working with you to ease chronic pain.  And still other times there are specific issues that need worked on like specific tight muscles.  So lots of reasons for massage. I also want to make massage accessible to anyone who wants the healing benefits of massage in their life. 

To accomplish this I offer massages for 30 minutes that focus on a specific body area that has issues like low back, feet, upper back, neck and scalp.  I also offer 60 and 90 minute massages for those times when you need the time to relax or work on the full body.  And I also want massage to be more affordable for those who are often on fixed incomes so I offer a price break for those 65 and over.

For every massage no matter the length of time or issue I will use all my knowledge to provide your body with relaxation, healing and ease.  I may incorporate hot stones, cupping, gua sha, or any other modalities that I learn that will benefit you.  I will also listen to you and to your body to help with the healing process, whether that is anxiety, chronic pain, or simply over working yourself.

Get on the Calendar

Massage is available by appointment only.  Just call or text (859)694-0531 to get scheduled!

  • 30-minute massage is 40.00

  • 60-minute massage is 75.00
  • 90-minute massage is 115.00
  • 60-minute massage for those 65 and over is 65.00
  • 90-minute massage for those 65 and over is 105.00

If you provide me with a doctor’s prescription for massage so it is considered a Medical Massage there will be no sales tax.  Five dollars will be deducted from the prices.

There is a convenience fee of 3.5% when using charge cards to cover fees.

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