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Admittedly, we do a lot here. That’s because healing work is complicated, and multifaceted. If I told you it was easy – I’d be lying! These are just a few of the things we do here at Blue Lotus, and we’ll be keeping you posted as we add new services, retreats, and wellness offers.  For example we just added more ways to work wellness into your life, check them out below!



Self-care and relaxation make wonderful gifts for the holidays.  So Blue Lotus wants to make it easier to give gift certificates and maybe gift yourself.   Til the end of December buy 2 regular priced 60-minute massage gift certificates (70.00 each) and get a third for 50.00.  That can be two gifts for friends or family and a gift for you.  Or simply self-care for everyone on your holiday gift list.  And packages are still available and are also a great gift option.


Blue Lotus Self-Care and Wellness Packages

Treat yourself with some self-care and wellness at Blue Lotus.  We have 3 packages available to make it easier for you to take care of you.  And if you want to share, you can get a massage or yoga package and share it in the family or bring a friend.

Massage Package

Five 60-minute massages for 290.00 to use in 5 months. 

Yoga Package

Eight yoga or somatics classes for 105.00 to use in 3 months. 

5 for 105.00 Wellness package

For 105.00 you get 4 yoga classes and a 60-minute massage to use in 30 days.  This is a great way to go to one yoga class a week and treat yourself to a massage each month.    

 Drop me an email at [email protected] or text 859-694-0531 to get on my schedule or to get more information about our packages.

60.00 Saturdays until Winter Solstice

One hour massages at Blue Lotus are 60.00 on Saturdays until Winter Solstice.  I want to make it more affordable for everyone to do self care.  Massage is a great way to de-stress or to work on kinks in the body.  Wellness should always be this simple.

 Drop me an email at [email protected] or text 859-694-0531 to get on my schedule or to get more information.


Massage is available by appointment during the...


Yoga Classes at Blue Lotus are throughout the week...


Reiki is available by appointment only in hourly sessions...

Essential Oils

Visit my Essential Oil and Product Blog to get information until this Section is live.

The Latest from the Blog

When I can, I try to share little windows into the world of Blue Lotus, and into what I do beyond just what you see here at the studio!

Keeping Everyone Safe…

Keeping Everyone Safe…

Hi Everyone, This is my update for everyone about safety now that massage and yoga have reopened at Blue Lotus.  I ask all my clients now what their exposure to COVID-19 is and what type of social distance they have been maintaining.  I ask how they are keeping safe. ...

Find Something to Celebrate…

Find Something to Celebrate…

Shelter at home reminds me of summers when I was a child.  When I was growing up every day during summer was the same.  We got up, we went to the pool, we stayed there til Mom had to go home and start dinner.  Every day Monday through Friday was pretty much the same. ...

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

So we are nearing the end of April on this journey with coronavirus. it reminds me of all the hikes that I went with my girls for several reasons.  My oldest was the one that always asked are we there yet?  It was normally followed with a can’t we just turn around. ...

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