Essential Oils

Blue Lotus purchases all it’s essential oils and carriers from Natural Options Aromatherapy.  This is the company that trained me in essential oils.  They provide the finest, strongest pure essential oils they can find.  The oils come from around the world. Every oil they sell is assessed with each new crop to assure that you can not find a better essential oil anywhere.

We package primarily in 1 dram bottles (1/8 ounce, approximately 225 drops) to keep our prices low and not force anyone to purchase a larger quantity than they can use in a reasonable time period.  All prices below are based upon 1 dram.

Blue Lotus does not keep oils in stock at this time because there are so many and we do not want oils aging on shelves.  We want to provide you with the freshest.  When you place an order for essential oils we will place our order with Natural Options.  Typically, you will have the oil within a week unless they are out of stock.

Blue Lotus can provide larger sizes (5ml, 2 dram,1/2 oz and 1 oz).  Just ask.

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