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Admittedly, we do a lot here. That’s because healing work is complicated, and multifaceted. If I told you it was easy – I’d be lying! These are just a few of the things we do here at Blue Lotus, and we’ll be keeping you posted as we add new services, retreats, and wellness offers. 

Massage Updates

January 1, 2023 a new Kentucky tax law goes into effect (HB8) that requires massage therapists to apply and collect a 6% sales tax on massage therapy services.

The reasoning behind the sales tax is because the legislature intends to reduce income tax in the coming years and sales tax is a way to offset this action. There are over 30 services that are now required to collect sales tax.

There is an exception for medical massage therapy.  A massage therapist does not need to collect sales tax for a Medical Massage.  A doctor’s prescription is required to be kept on file by the massage therapist for a massage to qualify as a medical massage.

To comply with the new law I am increasing my prices by 5.00 to cover the sales tax.  So all massage prices will be sales tax included.  Updated prices are on the massage page.

There is a convenience fee of 3.5% when using charge cards to cover fees.


Amba Elieff Poetry

We currently have Amba Elieff’s first book of poetry, Maiden, Mother, Crone available at Blue Lotus.  This makes a great gift for you or a friend.  It is also available on Amazon.


 Drop me an email at heal@amba.earth or text 859-694-0531 to get on my schedule. 


Massage is available by appointment during the...


Yoga Classes at Blue Lotus are throughout the week...


Reiki is available by appointment only in hourly sessions...

Essential Oils

Visit my Essential Oil and Product Blog to get information until this Section is live.

The Latest from the Blog

When I can, I try to share little windows into the world of Blue Lotus, and into what I do beyond just what you see here at the studio!

Adventure is out there…

Adventure is out there…

Even though everyone is sheltering at home it does not mean that you can’t find adventure in your own backyard.  I had an amazing neighbor who loved camping.  When life’s challenges prevented her from being able to go to a campground Judie and her husband would set up...

Today I can’t…

Today I can’t…

I think a lot and I plan a lot.  I have a bag packed with 2 weeks worth of my clothes.  It is ready for me to leave if I get sick and go away into quarantine.  It is ready for me to have clothes if my husband gets sick and has to be quarantined at home – our bedroom...

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